Lindsay Dentlinger10 February 2023 | 12:42

EFF promises to continue protesting against Ramaphosa

EFF leader Julius Malema said the party will continue to hold President Cyril Ramaphosa accountable for the Phala Phala farm saga.

EFF promises to continue protesting against Ramaphosa

EFF leader Julius Malema at the Pretoria march to the Office of the Public Protector on Friday, 9 September 2022.

CAPE TOWN - The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) vowed to continue protesting against President Cyril Ramaphosa until he steps down from office.

EFF leader Julius Malema said the party is not shaken by their forceful removal from the Cape Town City Hall, for trying to prevent Ramaphosa from delivering his State of the Nation Address (Sona) on Thursday night.

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Speaking during a media briefing on Friday, Malema said Ramaphosa’s protection officers went overboard when they stormed the venue and prevented EFF members of Parliament from protesting on the stage where the president was seated.

Malema said he has nothing personal against Ramaphosa, and will never physically harm him.

But it’s a matter of principle that he’s held to account for his actions.

"What we are doing to Ramaphosa is what we did to Zuma about Nkandla, about 'pay back the money'. It can’t be [different] rules for Zuma and different rules for Ramaphosa. Ramaphosa’s Phala Phala will never die."

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Malema reiterated that the offensive will continue until the African National Congress holds Ramaphosa accountable, and authorities arrest him for alleged crimes linked to the theft of United States dollars from his Phala Phala farm.

"Because if they think that it’s going to die and be swept under the carpet, then what they saw yesterday is going to be a picnic."

Malema said the party does not want Parliament to be criticised again for not holding the executive accountable.