Amy Fraser7 February 2024 | 7:51

MAGA terrified that Taylor Swift is 'secret weapon' for Joe Biden

Bad Blood? Taylor Swift is caught up in an outlandish conspiracy theory that she is a secret weapon against Donald Trump.

MAGA terrified that Taylor Swift is 'secret weapon' for Joe Biden

Taylor Swift / Wikimedia Commons: makaiyla willis

Bongani Bingwa interviews Adam Gilchrist about this and other trending world news.

Listen below (skip to 03:03). 

This is a conspiracy that we didn't see coming!

With the Kansas City Chiefs charging into Super Bowl LVIII, some heavy-hitting MAGA Media personalities are tossing around some out-there theories involving none other than the reigning pop queen herself.

Trump World is terrified that Swift is somehow wrapped up in a massive scheme cooked up by the NFL and the Democratic Party to hand-deliver the 2024 presidential win to Joe Biden.

How? Well, it involves Swift's romance with Travis Kelce, the Chiefs' tight end, and his gig in a Pfizer ad.

While Swift is no stranger to political endorsements, dating back to her nod to Biden back in 2020, many believe that suggesting that she's a pawn in some grand political chess game is far-fetched.

Jack Posobiec, the kingpin of far-right conspiracy theories, is peddling the idea that Swift is being primed like a secret weapon against Donald Trump in the upcoming election. 

"They've just got to shake it off Adam, shake it off!"
- Bongani Bingwa

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