Tasleem Gierdien 7 February 2024 | 9:50

WATCH: Buffel the elephant seal makes Onrus beach his home

Onrus beachgoers are encouraged to keep their distance and ensure that Buffel is "undisturbed and left in peace" for as long he chooses to stay.

WATCH: Buffel the elephant seal makes Onrus beach his home

Clarence Ford speaks to Barbara Friedman about trending online topics including a Buffel making waves at Onrus beach. Skip to 4:48 for this one.

A southern elephant seal is the latest visitor at Onrus beach but you might hear him before you see him... as he is known to snore LOUDLY when he flips out of the ocean to take naps in the sun. #BuffelsGotToRest

Friedman reports that the very large seal is dubbed somewhat a "celebrity" making waves and headlines because this is not the first time he's visited South African shores. 

The Onrus Facebook page reports that "he has previously been seen at Duiker Island, Cape Point and Fish Hoek Beach, where he has hauled out in order to undergo his annual moult. And is recognisable by a scar above his left eye and a yellow tag on his hind flipper."

Beachgoers are warned to keep their distance and let Buffel live in peace for as long as he stays.

Buffel doesn't seem to be very shy as he flips in and out of the ocean to sunbath in the sand and snore - whether there are on-lookers taking videos of his unbotheredness or not.

How cuuuute?!

And yes... Buffel IS a buffel!

If you couldn't get enough, here are more pics (captured by Meredith Thornton).