Tshidi Madia23 February 2024 | 8:07

ANC cadre deployment policy can’t be faulted in principle despite weaknesses - Mbalula

As the Democratic Alliance (DA) and other critics continue to scrutinise the ANC’s cadre policy, the party is digging in its heels on the matter.

ANC cadre deployment policy can’t be faulted in principle despite weaknesses - Mbalula

The integrity commission report has reportedly been handed to ANC secretary general Fikile Mbalula. File Photo: X

JOHANNESBURG - The African National Congress (ANC) continues to stand by its cadre deployment policy, with its secretary-general, Fikile Mbalula, saying while the party concedes to the policy having clear weaknesses, it cannot be faulted in principle.

Mbalula told journalists at a media briefing in Durban on Thursday that it’s a concept practised the world over.

He said the proper and full implementation of the cadre policy would help speed up transformation and the delivery of basic services.


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Mbalula said the practice should be consistent with principles such as fairness, transparency, and merit, and while the ANC strives to deploy people with capabilities to serve in office, there have been disappointments at times.

"You do get failures and factory faults in the process. Even in politics, you have that a person you trusted with your life just surprises you."

Mbalula dared the Democratic Alliance (DA) to also lay bare its minutes of how appointments of strategic positions in Western Cape and municipalities it governs are carried out.