Orrin Singh27 February 2024 | 6:07

Energy experts caution against hasty attempts to resolve Eskom’s challenges

Though Minister of Electricity Kgosientsho Ramokgopa detailed some of government’s plans to reduce load shedding, experts claimed he neglected to address Eskom’s underlying issues.

Energy experts caution against hasty attempts to resolve Eskom’s challenges

FILE: Eskom's Megawatt Park in Johannesburg. Picture: Eyewitness News.

JOHANNESBURG - As elections loom, energy experts cautioned against hasty attempts to resolve the challenges faced by embattled state-owned entity (SOE) Eskom.

On Monday, Minister of Electricity Kgosientsho Ramokgopa briefed the media on some of the government's interventions to reduce load shedding.


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However, experts claim the minister failed to address Eskom's underlying issues.

Key among their concerns was the absence of tangible deadlines for the implementation of the Energy Action Plan, as the nation risks continued instability in its power supply.

Ramokgopa detailed the government’s plans to build 14,000 kilometres of transmission lines, which would be based in the Western Cape, looking at private funding of R400 billion.

Energy expert Adil Nchabeleng said the project sounded a bit overly geared.

“If South Africa, including investment coming from investors of R400 billion coming in, given the fact that Eskom is struggling with a huge high gearing debt ratio problem, this doesn’t sound right in terms of how Eskom should be planning.”

Analyst Ruse Moleshe said the issue with the Energy Action Plan was that it didn’t have a specific timeline, making it very difficult to measure with certainty what was achieved.

“So, it’s up to the minister to interpret how he has achieved his work - that is the biggest challenge.”