Tshidi Madia28 February 2024 | 5:56

Thandi Modise, Mandisa Mashego rubbish claims of links to Zuma’s MK Party

Denying any claims of association to the MK party, Modise said she would always remain a member of the ANC, while Mashego called the unauthorised use of her imagery in posters from Zuma’s party ‘disgusting’.

Thandi Modise, Mandisa Mashego rubbish claims of links to Zuma’s MK Party

Former President Jacob Zuma addresses members of the media under the banner of new party uMkhontho We Sizwe on 16 December 2023. Picture: Kayleen Morgan/Eyewitness News

JOHANNESBURG - Defence Minister Thandi Modise and former Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Gauteng Chairperson Mandisa Mashego have both refuted claims that they are connected to former statesman Jacob Zuma's umKhonto weSizwe (MK) Party.

On Tuesday night, Modise rubbished an online article that suggested she quit both her job and membership in the African National Congress (ANC) to join the MK Party.

While Mashego, who refused to name the organisation associated with a former president, appeared on posters supporting the MK's electoral ambitions.

Part of the struggle for any new organisations is in the art of attracting the right kind of names that would not only resonate with voters but would also come with a lot of credibility.

In the case of the MK Party, it seemed a lot of creative campaigning was taking place, with names like Modise and Mashego being roped into some of its discussions.

Modise denounced the idea, saying she would forever remain an ANC member.

“I intend to die as a member of the ANC, no matter what happens to the ANC.”

While Mashego, who has since left the murky world of politics, said she felt violated by the use of her name and images, let alone in anything to do with Zuma.

“I am disgusted, and everything else that you can imagine that your name was used without your permission.”

Some political parties are currently scrambling to get candidates for the legislatures, while others are trying to secure signatures or money to contest the 29 May polls.