Chante Hohip6 March 2024 | 7:43

SABC 1 adds glitzy new 'Deal or No Deal SA' spin-off

Mzansi A-listers will battle the banker for a charity of their choice.

SABC 1 adds glitzy new 'Deal or No Deal SA' spin-off

'Deal or No Deal' host Katlego Maboe returns for the spin-off. Photo: Supplied

Get ready for a double dose of ‘Deal or No Deal’ on SABC!

‘Deal or No Deal Celebrity’ kicks off on Saturday, 9 March on SABC 1.

Host Katlego Maboe will bankroll the dreams of individuals and communities from across the country in ‘Deal or No Deal Celebrity’.

From actors and radio presenters to socialites, comedians, and even sports stars, Mzansi’s A-listers will go head-to-head with the banker to boost the bank balances of charities close to their hearts. 

Although the premise of the game remains the same, with players being able to win anything between R1 to R250 000, the weekend edition of ‘Deal or No Deal Celebrity’ also features a bevvy of beautiful ‘Money Models’. 

After picking one of the briefcases, not knowing what’s inside, the celeb then opens the others one by one while the mysterious banker tempts them with offers to buy their briefcase. 

They can accept the banker’s deal at any point or choose to keep their briefcase until the very end, running the risk that it contains a much smaller amount of money than they bargained on. 

“The first season of ‘Deal or No Deal South Africa’ transformed the lives of more than 250 individuals, with over R5 million won. Now, we’re taking it one step further,” says Lala Tuku, SABC’s Acting Group Executive of Video Entertainment.

“Deal or No Deal Celebrity, spawned by a couple of top-rated special season 1 episodes featuring big-hearted celebs playing for charity, will make a substantial difference in many underprivileged communities.”

Catch ‘Deal or No Deal Celebrity’ on SABC 1 on Saturdays at 6 pm

Don’t miss out on season 2 of ‘Deal or No Deal South Africa’ on its new home on SABC 2, Monday to Friday at 6:30 pm.