Tasleem Gierdien8 March 2024 | 6:34

Tyla cancels Coachella, EU tour due to 'agonising' injury: 'God has his plan'

Tyla has sustained an undisclosed but severe injury, leading her to cancel her European tour and appearance at Coachella.

Tyla cancels Coachella, EU tour due to 'agonising' injury: 'God has his plan'

South African singer and songwriter Tyla Laura Seethal, known as Tyla. Picture: Instagram

Tyla is on a bit of a hiatus after sustaining an undisclosed injury. 

The South African Grammy-Award-winner says she is "heartbroken" after cancelling her European Tour and appearance at Coachella which was set for April this year. 

Tyla has been "suffering silently" with an injury that's "tragically worsened".

Continuing with the tour would "jeopardize" her "long-term health and safety," read a statement by the singer. The singer says it is "hard to turn down" the opportunities, but that her health condition is "agonising".

The "Water" singer has not disclosed the details of her condition.

"Just know when I’m back to performing pain free, I’m gonna be even more of a problem. It’s hard having to turn down opportunities you’ve been waiting your whole life for, but God has his plan."
- Tyla

Tygers (Tyla's fans) are supporting her decision to put her health first and look forward to having her back on stage - here's to health, healing and a pain-free future!

Read Tyla's full statement below.