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WATCH: TV star Shamiso Mosaka removed from CemAir flight for 'unruly' behaviour

CemAir accuses Mosaka of being 'abusive', but denies racial profiling.

WATCH: TV star Shamiso Mosaka removed from CemAir flight for 'unruly' behaviour

MTV Base host, Shamiso Mosaka. Photo: Instagram/shamiso_

TV host and influencer, Shamiso Mosaka, made headlines on Monday (18 March) after videos went viral of an altercation on a recent flight. 

She was reportedly thrown off a Fly CemAir flight from Durban to Johannesburg, for allegedly being disruptive and using vulgar language before take-off . 

Mosaka went live on social media during the incident, alleging discrimination. 

She claims to have dropped an f-bomb while on the phone with a friend, and as she was boarding the flight. 

Mosaka says one of the cabin crew asked her not to swear, and after a verbal disagreement, attempted to have her removed from the flight.

Mosaka refused, saying, “I’m not getting off the flight because I paid for it." She alleges the flight attendant's actions were racially motivated.   

She was escorted off the plane by police.

While several social media users sided with Shamiso, CemAir painted a different story.

In an official response, without naming her, the airline said, "A late-boarding passenger became unruly and abusive, refusing to follow the lawful instructions of the cabin crew”. 

CemAir said the cabin crew informed the pilot, and the 'already running engines' were shut down. 

The captain reportedly could not reason with the passenger. “The matter was handed over to the SAPS, and the passenger was removed from the aircraft,” said CemAir.

The airline said it was considering 'potential prosecution of the matter'. 

Mosaka has yet to reply to the statement or provide her full version of events. 

"Was all that drama necessary?” asked 'Drive with Thando' host Thando Thabethe.

“Maybe there are regulations that you are not allowed to swear, period… Surely as the air hostess you’ll say ‘Sorry ma’am, you’re not allowed to swear on a plane', and not call the police to escort me off the plane?” 
- Thando Thabethe 

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