Amy Fraser4 April 2024 | 9:17

Ekurhuleni's leadership turmoil threatens service delivery and stability

Ekurhuleni council to hold fourth mayoral election in three years, questioning the implications for metro stability.

Ekurhuleni's leadership turmoil threatens service delivery and stability

Johannesburg / Pixabay: mzgiaconte

Bongani Bingwa interviews Dr. Tim Maake, governance expert.

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Gauteng municipalities have been facing a host of challenges, ranging from dry taps, piles of garbage and foul odours, to deteriorating buildings.

While residents have to endure these hardships, municipal councils are embroiled in power struggles, characterised by frequent motions of no-confidence, which result in recurring removals of mayors.

The recent ousting of Ekurhuleni Mayor Sivuyile Ngodwana exemplifies this trend. 

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Maake highlights the critical role of a mayor initiating essential processes, underscoring the impact on service delivery when this position remains vacant.

He warns if today's efforts fail, ongoing issues will persist.

Bingwa queries how political parties can better manage their agreements to prevent coalition collapses, which Maake believes jeopardise stability.

In response, Maake emphasises the importance of adhering to legal principles, rather than merely managing agreements.

If peoples' needs were prioritised over political agendas, governance would be more effective, Maake asserts.

He argues that when people assume positions of power, self-interest often overrides public service, perpetuating the cycle of revolving leadership while councillors vie for the mayoral seat.

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"Where there is coalition, specifically in metros, stability becomes compromised." 
- Dr. Tim Maake, governance expert

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