Tasleem Gierdien10 April 2024 | 5:50

What's phubbing? Chances are you're guilty of this one...

EB came across another new word and it turns out that he’s guilty of phubbing... but what is it?

What's phubbing? Chances are you're guilty of this one...

Woman looks at phone, shocked

Of course, the Kfm fam proposed some creative suggestions:

  • Looking fabulous and fly.
  • Beautiful/hot.
  • To seek attention.
  • People who stand too close to you in a queue and then you elbow them.
  • People hubbing... but then, what's hubbing? A hub is... something?

Drum roll...

Phubbing is... looking down into your phone while someone is talking to you.

The word is a combination of: phone + snubbing = phubbing. 

So snubbing or ignoring someone while they're talking to you. 

Guilty of this one? EB is!

Don't worry, he plans to do better because not phubbing someone can help them. 

Research shows that phubbing might help improve productivity at work.

How? Think about it, if your partner is able to debrief with you about their workday with ALL your attention, you're able to brainstorm possible solutions for work issues, making them easier to solve, more productive at work... and of course, more appreciative of you for listening.

Moral of this, put down the phone and just listen.