Tshidi Madia11 April 2024 | 5:47

‘Under the Doomsday Coalition, SA will rapidly descend into chaos’, DA’s Steenhuisen warns

Steenhuisen said he created the Multi-Party Charter to safeguard the country’s future, warning that the alternative, the so-called ‘Doomsday Coalition’, could turn it into Venezuela or Zimbabwe.

‘Under the Doomsday Coalition, SA will rapidly descend into chaos’, DA’s Steenhuisen warns

Picture: X/JSteenhuisen

TSHWANE - Democratic Alliance (DA) Federal Leader John Steenhuisen says a clear, binary choice awaits voters at the polls – they could either go with the African National Congress (ANC), uMkhonto weSizwe (MK) Party and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), or throw their support behind a bloc, which it has spearheaded, by choosing Multi-Party Charter (MPC) partners.

The country is now 48 days away from its 7th general elections.


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Steenhuisen told his supporters at the launch of his organisation’s Rescue South Africa Tour – this, as their efforts to woo voters intensify ahead of their final rally later in May – that he was right to create the MPC.

He said this would safeguard the country’s future, warning that an alternative to them could turn South Africa into Venezuela or Zimbabwe.

“Under the ‘Doomsday Coalition’ - including parties such as the ANC, EFF and MK - this is a future, mark my words democrats, where South Africa will rapidly descend into chaos [as] we see in other countries that have adopted radical policies.”

He reiterated his disdain for smaller parties, yet again labelling the Patriotic Alliance (PA) and RISE Mzansi as mercenaries.

Steenhuisen said they were attempting to play the two blocs against each other in the hope of securing the best deal for themselves.

He added that the smaller organisations know that splitting the opposition vote would give them more bargaining power between the so-called “Doomsday Coalition” and the DA’s MPC.

“The best example of these mercenary small parties is the Patriotic Alliance. The PA has sold out the opposition in eight different municipalities around the country, and as we speak tonight [Wednesday] in this hall, they are destroying places like Knysna, Johannesburg, like Ekurhuleni.”