Tshidi Madia22 April 2024 | 6:55

ANC elections head wants govt depts to be vocal about successes over last 30 years

The ANC is pushing government departments to promote their successes, in an attempt to bolster its election campaign.

ANC elections head wants govt depts to be vocal about successes over last 30 years

Picture: Katlego Jiyane/Eyewitness News

JOHANNESBURG - As the African National Congress (ANC) intensifies campaigning, the party also expects government departments to aggressively advertise their successes over the past 30 years in a bid to "lift" its efforts.

In a leaked recording of the ANC's recent national executive committee (NEC) meeting, the party’s leadership is heard deliberating over a battle plan.

In the hour-long clip, ANC head of elections, Mdumiseni Ntuli, proposes that all government departments must submit projects to be launched to both the ANC's NEC and its elections management team over the coming weeks.

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He said this was a way to complement the ANC's elections work.

In the leaked audio, Ntuli can be heard complaining that there’s no seamless integration between work being done by the party and its government during these elections.

He said this would give the ANC a necessary boost while on the campaign trail.

He added that a team from provinces and municipalities should be deployed to areas facing challenges in order to complement the work being done by the ANC. 

"There must be something we are able to say as part of the intervention that the ANC-led government is doing to address those challenges."

The ANC has since instructed its ministers to submit details of projects set to be launched in the country ahead of the elections.

They've also been urged to aggressively campaign on the work done over the past three decades of ANC rule through adverts on radio and directly.

Ntuli has also called on ministers deployed by the party to publicly support the ANC on social media.