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Ex Prime Circle frontman, Ross Learmonth releases new single 'Because of You'

In Darren's words, 'nobody can make a ballad like this man'.

Ex Prime Circle frontman, Ross Learmonth releases new single 'Because of You'

Kfm Mornings with Darren, Sherlin and Sibs speak to musician, Ross Learmonth about his new song 'Because of You' released today, 26 April. 

If you didn't know, Ross Learmonth parted ways with South African rock band, 'Prime Circle' after being the band's front man for the past 23 years.

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In a statement shared across the band's social media, they said while this is a big transition, the group remained committed to continue making music for their fans.

The remaining active band members include Gomes, Dirk Bisschoff, Neil Breytenbach, and Dale Schnettler who are currently on tour.

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Learmonth says he is committed and excited for his solo music journey and to get into other projects now that he's split from the band. 

Learmonth debuted his first solo album ‘Carousel’ last year.

And now he's back with a new single, 'Because of You'.

Learmonth says this one's 'a song from the heart'.

"The song is about how we can get caught up in our own emotions and demons but this is about the person on the other side trying to show you your true value - those people who truly care about you".
- Ross Learmonth, Musician

As an all-time Learmonth fan, Darren says he definitely feels the heart in the song because 'nobody can make a ballad like this man'.

While more fans of the song says you'll get all the feels in 'all the right places in just two seconds into the song'.

Listen to see if it hits you right in the feels too.