Celeste Martin12 May 2024 | 10:55

SABC+ streaming service reports enormous growth

'Hopefully the SABC has good content, growth and management strategies.'

SABC+ streaming service reports enormous growth

Photo: Unsplash/Erik Mclean (cropped)

Gugs Mhlungu spoke to independent TV & film critic, Thinus Ferreira.

Listen to their conversation in the audio clip below.

My Broadband has reported that the SABC+ streaming service has shown massive growth.

The article stated that "according to Google Analytics data tracked by the SABC, the newer account-free version currently has over 1 million monthly active users."

Ferreira says these numbers are not official and there isn't a lot of transparency regarding streaming services providing their user numbers.

"An industry that needs more light on it is this fast-growing industry of streaming services because we don't really know how many users they have...Why? They don't want to tell us because it's not in their interest."  
- Thinus Ferreira, independent TV & film critic
"It makes it very difficult for viewers, users, advertisers as well as investors to really get a grip of how successful these services are."
 - Thinus Ferreira, independent TV & film critic

Ferreira adds that at the end of last year, SABC+ app numbers were standing at 600,000.

The app allows users to watch free live TV and radio channels on web and mobile apps.

"Hopefully if it can just be managed correctly and if there is sustained momentum and sustained drive to make SABC good and great as a platform and to put great content on there, it can grow ...it should grow. It will be a benefit for the public broadcaster and for all of us South Africans if SABC+ can do well and can grow."
 - Thinus Ferreira, independent TV & film critic

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