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WATCH: Missing family's pet donkey found 'living his best life' with wild elks

A family's pet donkey went missing 5 years ago and they have never stopped worrying about what happened to Diesel - well he has been spotted 'living his best life' with a herd of wild elk!

WATCH: Missing family's pet donkey found 'living his best life' with wild elks

Clarence Ford speaks to Barbara Friedman about trending online stories.

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If you've ever lost a pet, this story is for you and it has a happy ending. 

A donkey named, Diesel wondered off during a hiking trip with his owner Dave Drewry five years ago in Auburn, California. 

Just recently, Diesel was found 'living his best life' on a farm with a herd of wild elk.

Futile searches for Diesel left his missing case cold for years...

Until this video from Max Fennell, a hunter in northern California, filmed a group of wild elk hanging out with a donkey who appeared to be a member of their herd.

The short clip of the unusual scene rapidly spread across social media which made his owners Terrie and Dave Drewry think the donkey could be missing Diesel.


The couple say they are relieved the animal is safe - and have decided to let him wander free with a new family as a 'wild burro.'

The Drewry's explained how it felt finding Diesel after all these years saying, “it was amazing. It was like, ‘Oh my gosh.’ Finally, we saw him. Finally, we know he’s good. He’s living his best life. He’s happy. He’s healthy, and it was just a relief."

"It just shows you that species can make friends."
- Barbara Friedman, Barb's Wire - CapeTalk

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