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CLEMENT MANYATHELA: The ANC made its bed with the DA and must now lie in it

Manyathela suggests that the ANC leaked a letter by Helen Zille to expose what they perceive as the DA's unreasonable demands.

CLEMENT MANYATHELA: The ANC made its bed with the DA and must now lie in it

President Cyril Ramaphosa attended the Non-Aligned Movement Summit in Kampala, Uganda on 19 January 2024. Picture: @GovernmentZA/X

With expectations mounting for President Cyril Ramaphosa's imminent Cabinet announcement, the Democratic Alliance (DA) is aggressively negotiating to secure significant representation in the Union Buildings and across crucial ministerial portfolios.

A leaked letter addressed to the African National Congress (ANC) Secretary General Fikile Mbalula, penned by the DA’s Federal Council Chairperson Helen Zille, sets out the party's strategic demands.

The DA aims to secure a minimum of 11 cabinet posts, with aspirations to either claim the Deputy Presidency or secure a key role within the Presidency itself.

Additionally, the party insists that its appointed ministers receive support from DA deputies across their respective preferred portfolios.

"They are sending a message that 'we are not going to take minor ministries, so take us seriously', but they raised the bar so high, to put pressure on the ANC to share significant portfolios with them."
- Clement Manyathela

Manyathela suggests that the leaked letter was a deliberate tactic by the ANC to expose what they perceive as the DA's unreasonable demands to the public.

By doing so, the ANC aims to shift the public narrative, placing scrutiny on the DA and their stance.

Moreover, he believes the leak also serves to manage internal factions within the ANC organisation.

"I honestly do think the DA must get some of these key portfolios."
- Clement Manyathela

Manyathela raises a critical question about the purpose of being in government if meaningful contributions cannot be made.

He highlights that the DA's participation in the Government of National Unity (GNU) is not about advancing ANC policies and manifestos; rather, the party is focused on pursuing its priorities.

He emphasises the importance of allowing the DA the autonomy to wield its influence in government to effectively address the needs and desires of its electorate.

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"I am personally against some policies of the DA; I think they would reverse the gains this country has made, but the ANC has made its choice. You make your bed, you must lie in it."
- Clement Manyathela
"The election result requires that power be shared in a new government. That means power cannot continue to reside solely with the ANC."
- Clement Manyathela

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