Chante Hohip26 June 2024 | 7:12

'Inside Out 2' makes box office history, could surpass 'Barbie'

The film made R1.3 billion in its opening weekend.

'Inside Out 2' makes box office history, could surpass 'Barbie'

'Inside Out 2' has the biggest box office opening of 2024. Photo: YouTube/Pixar (screenshot)

Could Disney’s Inside Out 2 surpass Barbie at the box office?   

Zweli Mbhele talks more on 947 Afternoons.

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Despite what critics predicted, Inside Out 2 has become a box-office success!

The Disney and Pixar film tallied $724.4 million (R1.3 billion) worldwide in its opening weekend, making it the highest-grossing film of 2024, so far.  

“It now passes Dune: Part 2, which stars Zendaya andTimothee Chalamet… I loved Inside Out 1. I need to make my way to the cinema to check out the second one.”
- Zweli Mbhele

Industry experts expect the film to surpass $1 billion soon, becoming the first film since Barbie to reach that milestone. 

“I think that’s a tough call but you can’t write it out, kids are powerful.”
- Zweli Mbhele

Inside Out 2 catches up with Riley and her emotions.

As she grows up, new emotions are added and she must learn how to navigate them.

Watch the official movie trailer below: