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Jack Parow stars in 'The Shakedown', South Africa’s 1st Amazon Prime Video original

Yes, Jack Parow is also an actor!

Jack Parow stars in 'The Shakedown', South Africa’s 1st Amazon Prime Video original

Amy Maclver speaks to Jack Parow about his feature in a movie called 'The Shakedown'.

South Africa continues to make global strides creatively.

South Africa's first Amazon Prime Video original, 'The Shakedown', premiers on 8 August.

The local crime comedy features a range of award-winning local actors including legendary rapper Jack Parow who swops the stage for an on-screen performance as he plays a bumbling (but hilarious) hitman, Mikey.

The film follows the story of Justin Diamond, a respected medical aid broker who finds himself entangled in Cape Town's underworld after his mistress threatens to reveal their secret affair. 

The plot thickens as Diamond's desperate attempts to maintain his 'golden boy' reputation lead him down a path filled with dangerous criminals.

Enter... Mikey (played by Parow). He adds his sense of humour and unique flair for that little extra South African spice.

Parow says filming for this was 'so much fun'.

"I wasn't sure about this one because I haven't done much acting... but the director gave me the confidence to try this out and I really really enjoyed it and it was so much fun and a great experience."
- Jack Parow, rapper
"It was such a jol working with a bunch of amazing actors... I even had my own stunt double where I'm getting knocked into walls and book shelves. It was jus crazy and to have all these professionals helping me along the way. It was really great."
- Jack Parow, rapper

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