Chante Hohip1 July 2024 | 6:02

WEATHER: Cool, sunny week ahead for Gauteng

Cold mornings, warm afternoons. It seems autumn is staying a little longer.

WEATHER: Cool, sunny week ahead for Gauteng

Photo: Unsplash/Karen Cantú Q

It is going to be another cool but sunny week in Gauteng.

The weather is expected to remain in the warm 20s throughout the afternoon.

Temperatures are expected to dip into the single digits at night and early morning.

Here is your SA Weather Service forecast for the week ahead:


Monday: 6°C | 23°C

Tuesday: 8°C | 21°C

Wednesday: 7°C | 22°C

Thursday: 8°C | 22°C

Friday: 7°C | 21°C


Monday: 4°C | 22°C

Tuesday: 6°C | 19°C

Wednesday: 5°C | 20°C

Thursday: 6°C | 20°C

Friday: 5°C | 19°C