Amy Fraser3 July 2024 | 13:08

Snowfall forecast across parts of South Africa

Bring out the scarves and hot water bottles; it's going to be chilly!

Snowfall forecast across parts of South Africa

Snow / Pexels: Kristingroth2 54200

With winter now fully underway, Vox Weather has forecast snowfall across various parts of the country:

Wednesday, 3 July:

Expect light snowfall over the high peaks of the Nuweveld and Roggeveld Mountains in the Northern Cape, as well as the Matroosberg mountain range in the Western Cape, with precipitation spreading to the northern high grounds in the Eastern Cape.

Thursday, 4 July:

Light snowfall will extend to the southern Drakensberg and Lesotho.

Sunday, 7 July:

Anticipate more significant and widespread snow over the Cape provinces as a strong front moves into the region.

Monday, 8 July:

Prepare for significant snowfall over the mountain peaks in the Western Cape Mountain Range, including the Hottentots Hollands Mountains and Bolands Mountains.

In the Northern Cape, areas such as Sutherland can expect snow, spreading to the Great Karoo and high-lying regions in the Cape provinces.