Keely Goodall9 July 2024 | 10:20

Cyclone is causing South Africa’s freezing weather – meteorologist

The west and south-east coasts of our country have been hit by a mid-latitude cyclone.

Cyclone is causing South Africa’s freezing weather – meteorologist

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Lester Kiewit speaks with Annette Botha, a meteorologist with Vox Weather.

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A mid-latitude cyclone is causing the frosty weather we are currently experiencing.

The cyclone has led to damaging winds, large waves and storm surges along our west and south-east coasts.


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This is very different from the tropical cyclones seen in the summer months which cause flooding and widespread damage.

A mid-latitude cyclone never moves over the country, unlike its tropical counterpart.

While it is technically correct to refer to this as a cyclone, Botha says meteorologists will refer to it as a cold front, as the actual cyclone never crosses into the country.

“It is the frontal area of the mid-latitude cyclone that actually impacts the country. It is not the cyclone part.”
- Annette Botha, meteorologist - Vox Weather

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