Tshidi Madia27 March 2024 | 5:55

Chirwa makes it onto EFF candidate list following public apology debacle

The EFF MP appears at number 200, the last place, on the party’s candidate list, a stark contrast against her 2019 placement at number 30.

Chirwa makes it onto EFF candidate list following public apology debacle

EFF MP Naledi Chirwa during her maiden speech during the Sona Debate on 25 June 2019. Picture: @ParliamentofRSA/Twitter

JOHANNESBURG - Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) member of Parliament (MP) Naledi Chirwa has made it onto the party's candidate list.

This comes weeks after issuing a public apology for missing sessions in Parliament.

Chirwa has been placed last at number 200 for the nominated candidates on the list submitted by the party to the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC).

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The IEC made party lists available to the public for objections ahead of the 29 May polls.

Chirwa apologised for failing to inform the correct official for missing a sitting on the impeachment vote of former Western Cape Judge President John Hlope.

She attempted to show her commitment to the organisation, including only going on maternity leave a day before being due to give birth.

Party leader Julius Malema criticised her apology, saying it created inappropriate insinuations about the organisation.

While the country is yet to take to the polls, it's already clear that for some in the EFF, the 7th administration will be a stark contrast to this outgoing term.

Chirwa back in 2019, coming from the Fees Must Fall movement, was number 30 on the EFF list and became one of the young and fresh voices to take up positions in Parliament.

Fast forward to 2024, a series of own goals, including the tone of her recent public apology have seemingly closed the doors of Parliament for the young politician.

Eyewitness News understands she has been placed much higher on the preliminary lists, only to now emerge at the bottom of the EFF records of candidates.

The red berets have 44 seats in Parliament and are simply not likely to secure all 200 when the country votes in two months' time.