Melikhaya Zagagana15 April 2024 | 5:05

'Don't protect your criminal children', Cele tells Hanover Park community

During a crime imbizo on Sunday, Police Minister Bheki Cele urged residents to stop protecting their children involved in criminality.

'Don't protect your criminal children', Cele tells Hanover Park community

FILE: Minister Bheki Cele addressed residents in Hanover Park Photo: @SAPoliceService/X

CAPE TOWN - Police Minister Bheki Cele is calling for the community of Hanover Park to take accountability and stop hiding their children who are involved in gangsterism.

Cele was speaking at an imbizo on Sunday to address the ongoing gang violence in the area.

He said police were being sent from pillar to post when investigating gang-related incidents in the area, with criminals being protected by the community.

"When you start that game, everybody can hide the gun. So, we are calling on you mothers... don't protect your criminal children because you know them. Where are the parents to take the children to school? Why is it a government issue? Where is the parent to take the nine year-old to school? Why should it be a government issue?"


- Hanover Park residents pin their hopes on Cele to tackle gang warfare

But local pastor Dean Ramjoomia believes authorities need to take a firmer approach. 

"Instead of getting search warrants, kick down doors and arrest suspects and criminals. They come to have a talk show with all the shenanigans around, and that is disgusting. That is what pains our people. In Hanover Park, over the past three months on average, three to six people have been shot dead."